Bontera SA

October 2023

In a world facing the daunting challenges of climate change, environmental degradation, and an ever-growing global population, the need for sustainable farming options has never been more critical. While agriculture is essential for feeding the planet, it also accounts for 10-12% of all global emissions. Astonishingly, the production and use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers alone contribute more than 2% of global emissions—surpassing the entire aviation industry.

In addition, alarming trends in land productivity have emerged in recent years. From 2000 to 2015, one-fifth of the Earth's surface exhibited declining trends in productivity. In the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) region, 16% of land area is already degraded, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions to halt this environmental deterioration.

Changing the Game from the Ground Up

Bontera recognises that without safeguarding and regenerating our soils, it will be impossible to meet the food demands of the growing global population. Their mission is clear: to provide sustainable and environmentally responsible farming solutions that increase agricultural production while protecting our precious soil and water resources from the harmful effects of traditional chemical-based agriculture.

The Bontera Vision

Eliminating Harmful Chemicals

Bontera™ are committed to eliminating the need for harmful synthetic chemicals in agriculture. By harnessing the power of natural processes, they offer unique, natural products that enhance crop yield and quality without compromising the environment.

Reducing Water Consumption

Water is a finite and invaluable resource. Bontera promotes sustainable farming practices which aim to reduce water consumption, ensuring this precious resource is used efficiently while simultaneously achieving robust crop growth.

Improving Soil Fertility

Healthy soils are the foundation of sustainable agriculture. Bontera solutions focus on enhancing soil fertility and building soil organic matter, providing a fertile ground for future generations of farmers.

Enhancing Food Quality

Bontera are passionate about improving the quality of the global food supply. By promoting eco-friendly farming practices, they contribute to a healthier and more nutritious food chain.

Future-proofing the Foodchain

The commitment to enriching people's lives goes hand in hand with ensuring that farmers can leave their land in better health for the next generation. Bontera’s approach revolves around optimising the microbial communities of plants—an entirely new and groundbreaking method to enhance productivity.

Incorporating Bontera™ solutions into farming practices yields a number of benefits:

Bontera Improves the Bottom Line

The benefits do not stop at the soil. Bontera has done trial programmes in the USA, Turkey, and South Africa for different crops. The results speak for themselves. In the USA for corn, a standard practice of chemical inputs that costs $737 (R13 887) showed a yield of $2 024 (R38 140). However, when running on a Bontera programme at just $767 (R14 453), the yield was $2 816 (R53 064).

That means that an 8% increase in cost resulted in a 37% increase in yield.

In Turkey, the programme was for cotton, and an 8% increase in cost resulted in a 19% increase in yield. In South Africa, the first trial was done for wheat, and a 9% decrease in cost resulted in a 34% increase in yield. The second trial was for Macadamia nuts, where a 10% decrease in cost resulted in a staggering 50% increase in yield.

Follow the Leader

In a world where the future of agriculture intersects with environmental responsibility, Bontera leads the charge in providing sustainable farming options that will secure our planet's future.

By embracing the vision of Bontera, we can all create a more resilient agricultural landscape and preserve our environment for generations to come.