Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bontera a fertilizer or a pesticide?

The Bontera line of products falls outside the category of pesticides, which requires EPA registration. Many of the microbes used in Bontera products are multifunctional. They may act as pesticides/insecticides, but we can not make any claims in this regard due to the EPA restrictions. Bontera products uniquely facilitate the uptake of existing and applied nutrients, enhance plant health, and increase plant’s resistance to stresses.

On which crops can it be used?

Bontera products can be used on a wide variety of crops. Please contact us for crop-specific application guidelines.

How can Bontera be applied?

With proper mixing/agitation, all of the products can be applied using any type of irrigation or spray equipment. Concentration, application rates, and the number of applications per year may vary by crop type. See application guidelines for more information.

Are there any restrictions on the use of Bontera products, for example, over-applying any product?

Over application of any Bontera product will not harm the crops. Please see the product page for specific restrictions.

Do Bontera products contain synthetic chemicals?

Bontera products are 100% organically derived. They contain no synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are completely compatible with all sustainable and organic growing practices.

What are the benefits of using Bontera products?

Key benefits include increased soil fertility, increase in fertilizer efficiency, increase in plants resistance to stresses, and increase in soil organic matter, to name a few. Please review individual product pages for specific benefits.

What makes Bontera products different?

Each product has a cocktail of high-performing microbes that improve biodiversity in the soil and ensure that the product is multi-functional, whereas many of our competitors have just one microbe. In addition, all products are in a powder form which ensures a much longer shelf life of two to three years. One 2.2lb (1kg) bag is sufficient for a 10-40-acre application, which also reduces shipping and handling costs.

How should Bontera products be stored?

The products can be stored indoors for up to three years at temperatures ranging from 40F (4°C) to 85F(30°C). Protect it from freezing, as freezing will diminish the product’s performance. Also,avoid any exposure to UV light.

Where are Bontera Products manufactured?

Bontera BioAg is a US based company. All of our products are manufactured at our facility in Georgia, USA.

Does Bontera BioAg have its own R&D facilities?

Bontera BioAg has its own in-house R&D facilities located in the USA, South Africa, and Pakistan.